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Tyre Management Service

Tyre Management Service

* Tyre checking
* Tyre repair
* Tyre sales
* Tyre management
* On site service 7*24h

Vehicle Maintenance Service

Vehicle Maintenance Service

* Vehicle maintenance
* Vehicle repair
* Spare parts management
* On site 7*24 Service

Sales Backup

Sales Backup

* We Supply spares at a reduced price
* PARTS available at South Africa
* 7*24 Service team base on Gauteng, Limpopo, Northwest
* More than 30,000,000Rand value spare parts available


Afritop offers bellow extra service to the client on the request:

Contract and request

Consignment stock to the client depends on the contract and request

Technical onsite service

Technical onsite service ,7*24H

Support line number

Support line number :

Support Email

Support Email: Support@afritopint.com