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Intelligent sharp knife on the cloud

In the Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center, press the start button for the 2021 Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition series of activities. Next summer, there will be dozens of the world's top 50 construction m ...

Cohesion to create the future

In 2020, extraordinary is brewing in the ordinary. Faced with the impact of the epidemic, the majority of distributor friends and departments in Liugong, Anhui did not forget their original intentions and acts, actively participated in the epidemic p ...

Value for money and fast

Mai is cooked in the wind, plums are yellow in the rain, and Shaanxi in June steps into the summer. The scorching sun is a big test for the excavator equipment and the driver of the outdoor construction. Shaanxi Shitian Complete Equipment Co., Ltd. a ...

The same mining machine

Times are rolling, life may not be so much if? But in the big waves, the classics will always stay and spread its value. Like from CX360B to CX490C, those mining machines that have led the era for ten years. 01 "Durability" is the constant theme Ma ...